Trucking services usually aren’t the first place we think of when we hear discussions about women executives and female-dominated workforces. Direct Expedite works differently. Ownership of our company is 50% women and the workforce boasts 67% women, blowing away the national average. For Direct Expedite, Women’s History Month is celebrated all year long because equality, much like expedited cargo, doesn’t take a day off. 

Overwhelmingly, the women of Direct Expedite point to the fast-paced, exciting, learning environment they’ve had in both logistics and more specifically, trucking. Combined with the flexibility that only comes from working with a hand-picked team of specially selected experts, working with mutual respect and empathy is the standard and not the exception. 

“I think the biggest way I’m supported by Direct Expedite is the scheduling flexibility. As a wife and a mother, it’s not always easy to take care of yourself, your family, and work. Direct Expedite makes your schedule flexible, so you do your work, get your hours in and they’re very understanding if your kids are sick and they need to stay home with you. It’s great that Direct does such a great job with being flexile and now we have a four day work week that works well for us as well.” – Amanda Wyland, VP of Finance and Compliance.

Treating people with empathy and understanding shouldn’t be a novel concept, but we’re finding more that listening to people, focusing on our similarities, and leading with enthusiasm drives success. 

“Direct Expedite worked with me through my move to our new house and worked with me when I had to take off for family problems. They ask for our opinions and they use them. They set the standard for making sure we are treated fairly. Most companies would make you choose if you told them you had to have time off. Direct Expedite shows that the women of our workforce are leaders.” – Becky Rooker, Operations Manager (Nights).

“I’ve always felt well-respected, celebrated and equal at DEX. They encourage us to learn as much as we can and really discover what we’re interested in.” – Aunica Sherwood, Finance Coordinator

Looking at the reasons our workforce is so successful appears simple on the surface; the women of DEX have real life experiences that required careful planning, rapid pivoting to new approaches, and an almost orchestral control over situations most people can’t imagine. Allowing a team the freedom to manage their workflow to the best of their ability means they can flourish in a mutually beneficial system of self-reliance. As experts in family and workplace logistics, we’re able to step into complicated supply chain conundrums and see the solutions with exceptional clarity. 

“Direct expedite offers a lot of benefits for its employees and women, like a four day work week schedule, flexible remote working, and possibilities to work from home when we have health issues. As a woman, I can spend more time with my family and feel supported with the flexible health issues related schedules. Being a woman means we are very good at this type of work. We have great capabilities, are intelligent and are strong problem solvers. So if you like logistics, just go for it!” – Mayi Zapata, Operations Specialist.

“Direct expedite doesn’t only support us as women, they support all of us in all ways possible! They have equal payment for everyone at work and do everything they can to create a harmonious work-life balance for all of us. They are really aware and responsible with violence and harassment laws and rules. They have representation of both sexes in management and mentorship. When you work here, you can feel that they really respect everyone in all senses. – Maria Adelaida, Operations Specialist.

“Personally, I feel that in addition to treating us as equals to other workers, our managers have taken it upon themselves to protect us in some problems or situations where customers, carriers, or drivers have disrespected us. In turn, they have supported us in every decision we made regarding work because they trust us. At this moment in Direct Expedite, we are 67% women working for this great company. That only happens when management really looks at the individual and leads with respect.” – Alejandra Restrepo, Overnight Operations Specialist.

Direct Expedite exploded onto the cargo scene with a fresh approach that we honed over decades of experience in every facet of logistics. Combining the sharp, analytical, problem-solving skills of the solution-driven expedited carrier with the passionate, creative, family-first intimacy only found in the thought leaders who understand the full picture of how supply chains work, taking responsibility for urgent shipments requires humility and heart. 

“Direct Expedite has always treated all its members equally, which I personally believe is what women are looking for nowadays in a job. I´ve never felt any less than my male coworkers, customers, carriers and drivers. During the time I have worked for DEX, I’ve created very valuable bonds with all of them. This business is based on relationships and DEX ensures that the connections are honest and strong.” – Manuela Cajiao, Track and Trace Coordinator.

Expedited freight is typically an emergency. Smooth, business-as-usual, cargo moves almost as if by magic, only requiring close inspection when something goes wrong. That’s when we at Direct Expedite shine brightest. Shippers unaccustomed to emergency situations are immediately at a disadvantage, their experience dictates that their processes are perfected by refining routine until they reach the peak of efficiency. When a crisis hits, Direct Expedite is your secret weapon. 

As experts in stepping in during an emergency, impossible solutions are our specialty and complicated cargo solutions custom-tailored for clients who are at their wits end are our happy place. Living in the urgent, direct, expedited space allows us to move proactively to find solutions because there are few situations we haven’t long since managed. Our experience enables us to be patient, empathetic, and steadfast in the storm. 

When asked what advice she would give to a young woman looking into a career in logistics, Alejandra summed up the DEX vision exceptionally well. 

“My advice will always be not to give up in the face of adversity. Despite the fact that this is an industry run by men, the women are represented by our great work in this company. We always have to be aware of our capabilities to enhance any position we face, all together we can break down the stigma found in the industry.”

If you’re ready to step into the expedited spotlight and join a team working hard to change the rules about women in trucking, come and see what Direct Expedite has to offer you