Logistics instability causes the world to shudder under the immense weight of global commerce and trade. Multinational, multifaceted, multidimensional, multiuse, and yet, somehow nuanced enough for the world to miss the many ways our business interconnects the planet. It takes humongous global hiccups to remind people their shipments are much bigger than just a point and click box on the porch in forty-eight hours guaranteed. From the Ever Given kerfuffle to the tidal wave sized ripples that tore through ocean ports during the pandemic, logistical disasters will directly or indirectly hit everyone as they launch dominoes of disruption worldwide. 

If that doesn’t prove we are all in this together, nothing will. No part of our business is done in a vacuum, rather our work interconnects less like a fishing net and works more like a watch. Precision, technology, and connections all held together with the energy created by humans moving through their everyday lives. The shipper needs the carrier, the carrier needs the regulator, the regulator needs the consumer and the consumer needs the cargo in an infinite loop that saw the U.S. global trade value of goods exported throughout the world rise from $6.54 Trillion in 2000 to $24.9 Trillion in 2022.  

There is no single entity on our planet that can manage trade on that level alone. Despite there being as many parts to logistics and transportation as there are goods being bought and sold, it’s the cooperation and unity that makes this industry thrive. As an expedited carrier, we say that in order for a shipment to be truly expedited, every part of the trip needs to be done at an expedited pace. This offers us a unique perspective and opportunity to serve our customers and the greater industry at once. 

Here’s a secret nobody talks about: We know, obviously, that nobody wants to have to send an expedited shipment. We know at Direct Expedite, that we’re working with companies who are facing strict deadlines, tight competition and, quite often, an issue on the supply side that demands our fastest and most efficient services. We’re dealing with companies during times of stress and panic, acknowledging that we often have to be the voice of patience and reason when calamity strikes. Our truckers and operators are here to put the customer’s mind at ease. No matter what happened to necessitate an expedited shipment, Direct Expedite has a broad network of partners, decades of experience and expertise, and a professional, courteous, enthusiastic team ready to meet the moment and keep your cargo moving. 

It is imperative to our customers that once they reach out to us, we can handle the cargo. They have to have trust in our business and trust in the partners, vendors, and carriers we choose to connect with to ensure we get it right, everytime. We at Direct Expedite know that we’re building a mountain of positive experiences that take the fear out of our clients. They can pick up the phone, calmly, knowing that when they dial our number, they can relax. 

We couldn’t do that without an industry of partners, experiences, and opportunities waiting for us in logistics. If you want to experience the true meaning of client-first expedited services, contact Direct Expedite today