Holiday traditions are both universally shared and fully individual to every person. At Direct Expedite, as we watch the calendar wind down on another year, we share the season with many different customers, clients, vendors, friends, and families, each a unique experience that people are all having in the spirit of the season. From small family traditions to worldwide celebrations and community events, our community bonds us all year long. Let us take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday season and share our beloved Christmas memories with you, one and all. 

Eddie Rivera – My memories of Christmas have always been special to me. It is my favorite holiday of the year. The look on my children’s faces as they opened their gifts was always priceless to me. From decorating the tree to cooking the meals, it always brought family into the equation. My oldest, still to this day, will not buy a fake tree because of how the tradition was handed down to him. Even as the years go by and the children are no longer little kids anymore, Christmas will always have a special place in my heart.

Fausto Cardona – Christmas is a magical blend of family togetherness, vibrant festivities, and the unmistakable aroma of natilla and bunuelos filling the air. It’s a time when streets come alive with colorful lights, and the joy of sharing abounds. As we gather with loved ones, I’m reminded that the true spirit of Christmas lies in the connections we forge and the traditions that bind us together.

Becky Rooker – My memories of Christmas would be having all my family around on Christmas Eve. We always had so much laughter, joy, and love.  I would sit and watch my mom cooking all the old-time recipes, and then we would make a Coconut Cake together. That was the best. We would all sit around the fire in the living room after dinner and open presents. Then we would watch a Christmas movie and head back home to get ready for Santa to come. We always watched Santa on the local news, where they would do the weather report and show where Santa was. Just being around family was the greatest part of Christmas.

Juan Avila – In Colombia, “El Día de las Velitas” or “Day of the Little Candles” is a traditional celebration that kicks off the Christmas season on the night of December 7th. It involves lighting candles and lanterns, decorating homes and public spaces with Christmas lights, and spending time with family and friends. The custom is a symbolic way for Colombians to honor the Virgin Mary and marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities in the country.

Maria Adelaida – I love to watch Christmas movies with my family and go shopping at Christmas markets they used to do in Colombia.

Alejandra Restrepo – One of the best traditions we have with my family is Candles’ Day on December 7th. We light candles together and infuse our intentions into the candles to manifest what we want for next year. For our family and friends, we also infuse intentions into them for the past and for those who need prayers. For that day, my dad always cooks special meals and we enjoy some December music. This year has been more special as we had more friends with us celebrating. My dad and I love Christmas, and each year, we try to do our best so everyone can have a happy holiday. 

But one of my favorite traditions is when we are together in November, and we start organizing all the decorations for Christmas. Every year, we cook a great meal, and then we start playing some Christmas music as we all help to build the tree, add some decorations to the house, and, most importantly, add some lights so that way we can receive December with the holiday spirit. 

Santiago Restrepo – Christmas is a time steeped in cherished traditions and heartwarming memories. From the twinkling lights adorning homes to the aroma of freshly baked cookies and heartwarming meals wafting through the air, the holiday season brings with it a sense of joy and togetherness. Our family often gathers around a beautifully adorned Christmas tree to exchange thoughtful gifts and share laughter. Whether it’s the anticipation of opening presents on Christmas morning or the warmth of the entire family dancing and sharing, these traditions create lasting memories that echo through the years. The festive season also beckons the spirit of giving, with the entire family participating in acts of kindness and charity, embodying the true essence of Christmas. Each ornament hung on the tree, and every carol sung with loved ones contributes to the tapestry of Christmas traditions, weaving a timeless narrative of love, joy, and shared moments.

Dale Prax – The joy of Christmas, a cherished season of warmth and togetherness, resonates deeply within me, especially as I witness the beauty of my family’s evolution over the years. This festive time, with its shimmering lights and the soft harmony of carols, becomes more meaningful as I observe the growth and blossoming of my loved ones. Children’s laughter, shared stories around the dinner table, and unwrapping gifts are not just mere traditions; they are the threads with which we weave our family tapestry, rich with love and shared memories. Now, as I watch my own children nurturing their little ones, the cycle of life and love comes full circle, filling my heart with an indescribable warmth. The sight of my grandchildren, wide-eyed and brimming with excitement, mirrors the joy I once saw in my children’s eyes. 

These moments, precious and fleeting, remind me of the enduring spirit of Christmas – a time of giving, loving, and cherishing those around us. As the snow gently blankets the world outside, the warmth within our family circle is a testament to the love that has grown and multiplied through the years, making each Christmas not just a holiday but a celebration of the heart.

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