We’re thrilled to announce the inclusion of Direct Expedite on the 7LFreight platform.

Direct Expedite is no stranger to exceeding expectations. When deadlines are tight, and shipments are critical, we step in with a promise to ease your mind. With a team of dedicated and talented shipment coordinators, we handle special deliveries from start to finish, hitting even the tightest delivery windows.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond promises, as we believe that for a shipment to be truly expedited, the entire process must be expedited. With access to over 200 qualified and vetted carriers and a fleet of more than 8,000 Sprinter vans and 12-26 foot straight trucks, we’re well-equipped to handle expedited shipments of any size or complexity.

But what truly sets us apart are our value-added services, including instant online rate quotes, real-time tracking, and freight recovery specialists who can spring into action within hours to recover and deliver your freight, even in the most challenging situations.

7LFreight: Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

7LFreight, part of the Freightos Group, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the freight industry. Their founders, who previously worked in the air freight industry, saw an opportunity to improve pricing and quoting automation. Together with a team of talented developers, contract managers, and customer service professionals, they’ve made it their mission to transform the industry.

One of the cornerstones of 7LFreight is their Air Freight Pricing platform, offering access to over 6 million lines of air freight rates with real-time booking through their WebCargo integration. But they don’t stop at air freight; they also provide comprehensive inland and local trucking rates from more than 2,000 providers, all accessible in one platform.

What sets 7LFreight apart is their commitment to simplicity and power. Their platform is designed for customers who want instant quotes and bookings, industry rate visibility, and the convenience of managing everything in one place. With secure, state-of-the-art technology, they ensure that your experience is fast and secure, delivering peace of mind in every transaction.

A Perfect Match: Direct Expedite and 7LFreight

The inclusion of Direct Expedite as the exclusive expedited carrier on the 7LFreight platform is a match made in logistics heaven. Forwarders now have quicker access to rates, quotes, and the assurance that when they need expedited shipping, Direct Expedite will pop up as the go-to option.

With 7LFreight’s extensive platform and Direct Expedite’s dedication to expedited shipping, this partnership streamlines the logistics process, ensuring that your shipments are not just expedited but exceed your service expectations every step of the way. Join us for the future of service, expedited.